Full purity

Full purity. When ever we are talking about house keeping or keeping an organized house, garage cleaning ,or  keeping the garden completely beautiful , our prepared team is at your disposal or service!

Selected Professional

We are a selected professional team. For us is one of the most important is to have our customer happy and they home been cared and to make the home owners values ​​as safe as possible.

5 Star Quality

Our team specialize in making the luxury of a hotel available in your home!

Home Management

The concept of immaculate purity.

Home Management is a new dimension of household or house keeping and full-scale cleaning. We keep your home clean to a professional level against the general clean-up so far. With the high level of training and precision, hygienic specialists provide the highest purity in your garden and where need to!

Continuous quality control

Optimized services

Competitive partner presence on demand

Reliability and discretion

We save time and energy while you are dealing with what you really like!

The cleanliness of the home ensures the daily peace of mind, the right confidence, and the indispensable security. Our team performs any kind of housekeeping job with precision and maximum care to suit your needs. Experience the feeling of cleanliness in your home and relax in the comfort of the hotel.

We help to achieve a long, happy and non-chemical life!

Is there anything more important than keeping the place clean, where we live most of our lives?

Our services to individuals

Cleaning valuables

We take care of the purity of its values ​​and, above all, its proper original condition, be it jewelry  garments or furniture.

Full discretion

Our staff is engaged in continuous training , the main point of is the existence of a moral certificate.

Customized for your needs

Each of our services and work schedules is fully implemented in the manner and in the time specified.

Special attention to special garments.

Our company provides a full range of clothes cleaning services for your demanding and beloved clothes.

We know that special clothing requires special attention and skill. Branded dresses (eg Armani, Gucci, Prada, …) are made from other special materials and ways that need to be cleaned individually and with great expertise.

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Maximum attention to fragile objects.

We take care of your values with our special tools and detergents.

From our most exquisite  treasures  to the simplest ornaments, unfortunately all of them are dusty with time.

Our specialists are prepared for such cleaning tasks and circumstances. The task is carried out in full respect of the surfaces to be cleaned.

Additional Services

Keeping purity and order is a special profession. Cleaning can be done by anyone the question is just what kind of attention, expertise, and experience they are doing.

We are not cleaners.

Our skilled Home Managers are specialized in this. It is their job and their vocation to make your home a five star hotel residence. Our staff regularly takes part in further trainings to keep up with the evolution of modern kitchen appliances, the most effective bio cleaning products and devices that we will use in your home!

The entire staff of the company performs the work under supervisor and coordination, because each site requires unique solutions and time, just like your home!

If you are looking for a professional, five star purity in your home, please contact us and trust our expertise to keep your home clean.

Alexandra Bodonyi

Alexandra Bodonyi

Key Account Manager

Let purity be the new family member!

The peace of home is invaluable for everyone.Our well-trained and skilled team will turn your home into the crystal clear of the last few days in keeping with your needs! We have been working with modern tools and special bio materials to help you with your long and non-chemical life!

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