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Every job in the housekeeping needs the utmost full care and the highest level of competence. We know this perfectly, so we trained our staff to make the home of unblemished cleanliness, to cultivate the environment and to ensure the daily peace of mind.

Suit shirt, hard collar, perfect cuff. Careful, demanding exterior is one of the most decisive factors when you meet a stranger. Our technicians are well-prepared and have many years of ironing practice, which we have brought to our professional level with the help of our leading cleaner, so that you only have to choose the right shirt for your current occasion.

Housekeeping is not just cleaning. Housekeeping is a professional, custom-made, regular care, cleaning, sorting, washing, ironing and shopping. And that’s just a part of our high-level service group that is tailored for highly demanding individuals by focusing on the time, needs and convenience of our customers. Our team adapts to you and according to your needs.

A living room sofa or a comfortable armchair can be one of the most exquisite furnishings in the house. The surface of these furniture is subject to heavy wear and can easily be damaged, in the form of a stain or tear. Our skilled team handles your furniture with special leather and textile care solutions to keep them in their original light and condition.

The comfort and peace of home is tailored to everyone’s needs. This will not be different to us either. You are going to tell us how to do it when we do it and we take care of the details carefully, whenever you return home with all the utterly pure and tranquilizing light. From the home office to the bathroom, every room will be nourished and cleaned according to your needs and expectations.

Special surfaces should be cleaned with special chemicals and tools. Our housekeepers built a daily routine to clean the kitchen appliances and other oven and washer cleaners. The kitchen often produces hard-to-remove, stain-resistant impurities that our well-prepared team removes in a short time and with targeted efficiency, whether it is a kitchen counter, a stove or a fridge.

Parallel lines, even distances and corner layout are all a symbol of precision and desirability. Such motives give the perfection of a picture of a room. The first thing that does not appear to the eye is that the subconscious has noticed and rated it before, and there is nothing else in our home either. Our team is keeping the home quiet so that you just have to enjoy complete peace of mind.

Selection of services by room

The first impression is the most decisive. There is nothing else in our home either. A well-groomed, well-kept, clean lobby invites all new guests to trust. Our skilled team will wash the front door inside and out, clean the mirror and glass surfaces as well. In addition, the images and their frames are dusted, because beauty lies in the details. If needed, systematize and clean shoes.

The comfort of home security consists of many tiny things. From the doors and their frames to the top and inside of the various furniture to the unblemished glitter of ornaments, each detail improves the overall picture of the flat. We help you to wipe the blinds, drain curtains, clean TVs and computers, and all the hard-to-reach places, whether it’s in the highs or under the bed.

The bathroom is one of the most popular places in every household. It is important that the sanctuary of sanitation is beyond doubt. Unfortunately, however, due to water and other materials, corners and joints can easily be installed by mold and other impurities there. Our skilled team uses the most advanced tools and cleansers to combat the most stubborn spots and parasites and to ensure that they will permanently avoid your bathroom and home.

Everyone can cook, this is what they say. However, this is only true if the conditions are right to the smallest detail and all the necessary tools are washed and put in place with the utmost care. From the hood on the kitchen counter and the extractor fan to the bottom of the oven, everything should be clean so that the cooking process is not disturbed. Removing crumbs and food residues from the kitchen table and fridge is a part of our team’s daily tasks, apart from separating the dishes and cutlery and making it the right place.

The office is the place of the apartment where we take care that everything is exactly your needs and is cleaned, keeping in mind. How many times happened I remember of something I exactly put it there and somebody else think that it’s better be somewhere else. This does not happen to us. We pay attention to make sure you do not mind your home job at all and that all your documents are stored and organized according to your requirements.

The garage of the family house can be furnished in one of several different ways, or it can be used for home objects and devices. Car, lawn mower, engine, rake, ladder, tools, boxes, bicycles, trash cans. These can be an integral part of the garage. Our specialists carefully take care of systematization and cleanliness of tools and other small things by clearing of dust and clearing dry leaves. 

The garden requires a whole different and a lot more attention and care than the interior space of an apartment. That is why a qualified horticulturist will be your caretaker in your team. Take care of the hedge trimming, the proper sprinkling, the nourishment of special flowers and the nourishment of vitamins. Do not let nature take control of the garden. We will help you make the garden a perfect environment for you and your house from any season.

Keeping a car clean and keeping it’s interior clean requires great care and skill. Dusting the dashboard and caring for the upholstery is a part of our team of skilled workers, as well as vacuuming and scenting the interior and reinforcing the exterior finish and scratching any scratches or faults with special material.

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Who trusted us:

” I turn my back with confidence, because I know that by the time I get home, everything will be perfect. They come to me twice a week and are completely satisfied. I can only recommend to everyone who matters to cleanliness in your home! “

Dr. Kiss József

Chief Executive Officer, Hungarian Food and Nutrition Research Co. Ltd.

“I’ve always been demanding for my environment, but unfortunately, in the past, I could not afford enough energy to do this. Fortunately, I found CleanExclusive. I never thought I would pay for such a service, but surpassed all my expectations. They do everything they do in advance. From the living room to the garage, everything is in place and beautifully cleans the entire house every week. “

Orbán Gergely

Business Manager, KissLife Sport Center

“I’m particularly frustrated with my cleanliness in a flat, so I’ve never had a cleaner. The tight time has now become a necessity, so I chose CleanExclusive.” It was foolish to see how the rest of the household is doing the same with even more expertise. I wish I had known earlier that there was such a company. “

Sproch Gábor

Restaurant manager, Food Factory Restaurant

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